Full Council Agenda & Minutes

The next Parish Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 11 June 2024 at The Memorial Hall, Silver St

Members of the Press and Public are welcome to attend this meeting in in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (1) (2). 
There are no items of a confidential nature requiring exclusion under Part B (exclusion of press & public) at this meeting.



Additional Information

1     Public Open Session  15 minutes for members of the public to raise any issue of concern, 5 minutes maximum per speaker



2     Declarations of Interest  To receive any declarations relating to items on this agenda

3     Apologies  To consider any apologies for absence

4     Minutes  To approve the meeting minutes 14 May 2024

5       External Reports  To receive reports from: 

         5.1   County Cllr Squires   incl. 5.1.1  Parking in School Lane             

         5.2   District Cllr Roberts                              

         5.3   Saturday Market   


6       Grant Giving

         6.1  Donation to the Lads’ Wall Project

         6.2  Donation for Churchyard maintenance

         6.3  Donation to the Royal British Legion


7       Project   Affordable Housing   inc. CLT insurance £175


8       Recreation Ground     

         8.1  Financial Report  for April & May

         8.2  Access for Builders

        8.3  Lottery Funding bid


9       Grounds Maintenance   

         9.1  Parishioner Concerns

         9.2  Contractor  Work for the month

         9.2  Village Tidy-Up Day  Postponed from March due to poor weather


10    Planning & Consultations

        10.1  24/1034/DOC  Haynes Barton, Upton Pyne  Discharge of conditions 4 & 5

        10.2  24/00756/FULL   Chilton Gate Kennels Bickleigh   Conversion to 8 dwellings

         10.3  East Devon Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation

         10.4  Drop in Surgeries for Waste & Recycling


11    Correspondence    Allotments   State of plots 4, 21 and 22.


12     Allocation of Working Group Roles including designated CLT Cllr


13     Finance   

         13.1   Bank balance                                                                          £ 68,911.57

         13.3   Payment to  J P Roberts - clerk pay, (May)                     £       456.89


14    Business at the Chairman's Discretion 

        Items for Information Only  No decision making during this item.


15    Next Meeting  Tuesday 9th July 2024

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